Friday, February 8, 2008

Ninja Powers

We had Taekwondo tonight. I really really enjoyed it. I very much like the forms, I sort of like the self defense, I LURVE the weapons (nun-chuck is my weapon of choice.)

We are testing for our next belt on Tuesday - Hubby and I are going for Blue Belt decided and Bubba (who is completely better now) is going for his red belt.

In preparation for testing - we have to break boards. This board break was a step-up side kick. Side kicks are tough for me, because balance is required (of which, I don't have a lot of) and the aim on them is a bit tough. Anyway, I SLAMMED THAT MO-FO! Broke that thing right in two on my first try.

Makes me feel powerful. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I am a Ninja... Hear me HI-YA!

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