Monday, February 18, 2008

How I can get my floors clean and save $100 a week

You know that I'm on the look out for money saving tips. We currently have a cleaning service while I've been working full time. Because, if I'm not home until late every night the last thing I want to do is clean. We have tried to keep the house cleaned ourselves, but spending 3 hours on the weekend cleaning is not exactly what I want to do, and having someone to come and clean is part of the trade off of working full time. If I quit my job, we will cancel this service. I have found a way that we can keep the floors cleaned:

Tonight at dinner the conversation about being parents came up:

  • Bubba: Is it hard to be a parent?
  • Me: It is hard, and very rewarding too. The rewarding part is the kisses and hugs and seeing you make good choices. The hard part is teaching you right from wrong and teaching you how to become a productive adult.
  • Bubba: Yeah, that must really be tough.

  • Bubba: I used to think that girls were born from girl's private parts and that boys were born from boy private parts. But, now I know that boys and girls come from only girl's private parts.
  • Prissy: Don't they come out of the butt?
  • Me: No, they come out the front privates.
  • Bubba: That is why babies are more watery and not so rocky...

Hmmm - maybe I should give that boy some higher fiber foods?

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