Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Pictures

Good Gawd this has been the longest week ever. (Do I say that every Friday?) I gave my pitch today - it didn't go bad. But, things won't be immediately changed. But, at least I did SOMETHING. It actually makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I'm reading a most awesome book called Crashing Through - A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man that Dared to See by Robert Kurson. I don't usually read non-fiction - but my dad recommended this one completely. I'm totally loving this book - my father is blind and met the man (Mike May) this book is about a couple of years ago when they were out visiting us. I don't even really want to tell you what it's about because I won't be able to do it justice and I will just make it sound boring. It's actually an amazingly inspiring book. The basic premise of the entire book is "I have to try." He lives very close to us - I'm considering asking for a meeting with him - just because.

Anyway, the title of this post is Friday Pictures, so I'll give you pictures:

This was taken after testing on Tuesday. Besides Bubba's terribly chapped lips, I really really like this picture - I only think it's because I felt really happy when this was snapped.

testing_photos 063

I think that I mentioned that a friend/president of baton board/super seamstress is giving me sewing lessons. She is teaching me how to sew a leotard - it should be pretty simple. It's only two pieces. But, I've never worked with stretchy fabric (especially stretchy velvet). And I'm mostly a quilter and not a clothing sewer. She taught me how to measure Prissy and alter the pattern. So, we'll see how it goes. I still have to sew the pieces together and add ELASTIC!!!!

testing_photos 070

While I was cutting out the pattern pieces, Oreo decided to help. She seems to always want to sit of what we are working on.

testing_photos 068

And once the pieces were cut, she had to try them out.

testing_photos 072

But, just one piece wasn't good enough - she had to try them BOTH out.

testing_photos 073

You know, as I was getting ready to hit the publish post button, I realized that I have more pictures of the cat than I do of the kids. What does that say of me as a mother?

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Suzanne said...

That is such a lovely picture of you two. Thanks for sharing it.