Saturday, February 9, 2008

Non-Stop Busy Day


Today has been a non-stop crazy-ass busy day. Although, I did get to sleep in (can I tell you how much I needed to sleep in today?) We got up, and I packed for the day. I took Bubba to Taekwondo, and Hubby and I had taekwondo right afterward. I had to pay for testing on Tuesday. I brought "civilian" clothes for Bubba and I. During Bubba's class, I dashed over to Long's and picked up an extra birthday gift (because Prissy is going to the party too. And if I'm bringing an extra kid, I'm bringing an extra present.) I left a bit early from my class and got dressed hastily. I was sweating up a storm and we raced over to the birthday party. It was hot as hell, but the place was somewhat fun. We've been there a lot before. It's Chucky Cheese on steroids. Anyway, the kids were absolutely out of control. The place was packed beyond capacity. And for me, it was an absolute nightmare. I don't especially love crowds or lots of noise. And this place had both. I was in absolute hell. But, the kids had fun.

We got home and hubby (wonderful wonderful hubby) took the kids to the library, the dry cleaners and the hardware store to get a new filter for the house. It was the most wonderful 30 minutes I could have asked for. I read... Nothing else.

We then went to the park and Prissy practiced her pitching and Bubba and I were practicing catching. This 6 or 7 year old rides his bike up and comes over and asks to play. He didn't have a mitt, which isn't the best for throwing a baseball around. It is weird to see a young kid all by himself and I asked him where his parents were. He told me that he didn't have a dad but he was getting a new one. I asked him where his mom was and he said she was at home. He kept asking to play but it wasn't working out well because he didn't have a baseball mit. I was really worried he was going to get hurt. He finally decided to go away. Is it normal for a parent to send a 6 year old to a busy park all by himself? He was a friendly kid - but that could really get him in trouble. It just seemed weird to me.

After this, we went out to dinner at a place called Carino's because we had a gift certificate. Unfortunately, we forgot the gift card. DOH! It was absolutely wonderful food though and the service was fantastic. So, I guess we'll just have to go back.

Tomorrow, Bubba has a soccer game and I have a huge list of errands to get done. But, because I slept in this morning - it just makes all the differerence...

On a super bummer note - my knee hurts like hell. Stupid knee... I better be able to get my black belt. I'm just saying...

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