Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

Ok, so how many times has that been my Blog title? All in all - today really sucked. However, unlike my hopeless message on Sunday - I was really in quite a jovial mood.

Today started with Prissy forgetting her baton after we were halfway to school (30 minutes into an hour drive), so we were certainly not turning back. Thank goodness Hubby overslept (thank goodness for me) and he was still at home when I called. He agreed to bring the baton, she had team practice tonight, so having a baton is pretty important. I dropped the kids off at school, which was uneventful. And I drove across the street to work. My work badge was far on the floor and I had to reach way over to get it and I bumped my head. I opened the car door, grabbed my laptop, purse, coffee and badge, locked the doors and slammed the car door shut. Looking down at my hands I realized I didn't have any keys in them.. DOH! So, once again, I call hubby asking him if he can help me get my keys out of my car. (We work at the same company, so it wasn't a huge deal.) Yes, I was the damsel in distress TWICE today before 8am.

Then, I went off to my 8am meeting with New Italian Boss (NIB). Wednesday mornings are NEVER fun. Today, was probably the WORST.MEETING.EVER. I yelled at him at one point - telling him to stop talking long enough to listen to the answer to his question. Nice... Very professional. He upset one of my employees that she got so pissed she had to leave the meeting room. And I realized that we have an absolutely fundamental disagreement about what our organization does. The major problem is that all of the managers that work for me attend this meeting and they were distressed. So not good. My direct team has a lot of healthy debate - we argue, we complain, we bring up our problems with each other and we work through them. There is actually very little that my team completely agrees on. Except for one major thing - we all realize we can't work under NIB. I actually wanted to go home at this time, but I couldn't - because my keys were still locked in my car.


Tomorrow, I'm pitching to my current/old boss to save my team from NIB. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ok, so, that wasn't the end of my day. I ordered an edible arrangement for Hubby. It's a bouquet of flowers made out of fruit. Since we are still dieting and can't have chocolate - this was the perfect solution! Anyway, my stupid company wouldn't let the delivery guy drop off the gift. *sigh* So, it was a major PITA in order to get the arrangement to Hubby. (Who has been wonderful today.)

Then, I got pulled into a meeting that wasn't a bad meeting, but it ran long and it made me late for my very important girls lunch date (which rocked my world - everyone needs to spend time with girl friends - it's so rejuvinating). Then, the afternoon was filled with the managers that report to me being totally freaked out, stressed out and pissed off due to this morning's meeting and I had to work to calm them down (which I don't think I actually succeeded in)... THEN, I realized I hadn't gotten the damn Valentines for Bubba or Prissy and had to leave work early to get those fuckers - in the stampede of all other slacker parents that forgot too. THEN, I talked to Bubba's teacher and I thought that he only had 20 kids in his class but he really has 22 - and I only got 20 boxes of conversation hearts for the party. THEN, I went to McDonalds and I was good on my diet and had a damn salad.

Then, I went to Prissy's baton practice and the super awesome seamstress/president of the board/founder/everythinger decided to give us a sewing class on how to make baton costumes... Which was just so cool.

THEN, we came home and I raced to the store with the conversation heart boxes and THEY WERE OUT!!!! So, I got two very small boxes of chocolates - so unfair..

So, long day - but, because of my girl friends (at lunch and at my sewing lesson) I had a good attitude. It sucked - yes. But, I realized today also why I'm feeling so positive - I have options. I'm going to try one tomorrow... But, there is no reason to stay in a crappy situation. I.HAVE.OPTIONS!!!!!

This post was way too long...

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