Thursday, February 7, 2008

Week in pictures

I HAVE A PLAN FOR WORK! But, I need a couple of days to figure it out. I think I have a proposal so I won't have to report to nib, but I can keep my team mostly intact. Stay tuned.

So, instead, I decided to post some pictures.

READY TO ATTACK!!! Or, an LSD trip.
pictures 010

Bubba has been riddled by influenza. I SWEAR - FLU SHOTS FOR EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY NEXT YEAR.

testing_photos 012

Ok, catching the flu early and starting on Tamiflu - really makes a difference. Here is a cool floating ball - caught this one on digital film in mid-air.

testing_photos 008

Picture to explain why we named the kitty Oreo. She is seriously mellowing out as she is getting older. She is really becoming a super cool cat.

testing_photos 002

This is a picture from a few weeks ago. This was taken from the parking lot of a McDonalds. (sort of takes away from the picture huh?) This was when we were traveling for Prissy's baton competition and it was a gorgeous sunrise after a terrible rainstorm.

pictures 015

Ok, simply, I was messing around with my camera - this one is GREEN. This is what we did yesterday in between working and resting.

testing_photos 023


testing_photos 048

Ok - I just simply think this is a super cool picture. I was still messing around with my camera, and I LURVE this picture.

testing_photos 030

That's the post for tonight.

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Karla May said...

The Geej has that very same ball in blue. Thank you Walgreen's!!