Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Belt Bites the Dust

We had our Taekwondo testing tonight. Hubby, Bubba and I all passed. Hubby and I are now blue belt decideds and Bubba is a red belt. He just has two more belts before he is a black belt. He will probably be a black belt by June. That's simply incredible.

Bubba was also put on the SWAT team (Super Winning Attitude Team?) Where he will go and be the "teacher's" helper at the lower belt classes. The instructors also told Hubby, Bubba and I that they wanted us to move up to leadership. These are the classes that are more advanced - with harder weapons and harder forms.

The other cool thing about this testing was that there were MULIPLE people testing for their black belts. I think there were 6 all together. I've been working with many of these people for almost two years - they were green belts when we came in as white belts. So, it was totally and completely awesome that they finally made it. It was a pretty neat ceremony too. So cool!

Also today, Bubba had a field trip to a local TV station where his class was actually filmed during the noon newscast. Then all the kids got to sit at the news desk and read their weather report that they wrote. It was filmed and they will give us a DVD of the whole class. I just think that is the coolest!

So - today was a long day, but not a bad day. And I only had to work a few hours. YEEHAW!!!

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Karla May said...

That kicks SERIOUS ass. You're getting all Chuck Norris (minus the Mike Huckabee love...I hope). Way to go!!