Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bratz Lil Boyz

Ok - I laughed so hard I cried today. Usually I can make other people cry because of the stupid shit I do, but today, I was the one crying.

I mentioned my son's love affair with the Dollar Store. Well, while we were there on Friday I found a Lil' Boyz Bratz doll - but the little version. I knew the perfect recipient for this. It happened to be named Collin. I bought it for someone who already had a full sized Collin Bratz Boy doll in the office.

Anyway, I brought him in and low and behold the doll has SERIOUS abs. I'm not sure what stereotype this is setting for young metrosexuals. I don't believe all metrosexuals need to have incredible 6 pack abs. This is definately NOT your Ken doll. Upon undressing the doll at work - we realized that he had an adonis belt (I learned today that it's the "v" on the ripped male body leading to the "junk."

We checked for junk on the bratz doll - but like Ken - it is lacking. Except for the telltale "V"... I'm certain to be fired for 1. buying the doll and 2. giving the doll to someone on my team and 3. for laughing so hard at the abs and "junk" of the Lil Boyz doll.

I think I'm a freaking 12 year old!


Suzanne said...

Oh.My.God. I didn't know that they made boyz bratz. Glad to see that they are as warped as the girl ones. Damn.

Nice eye candy, though. My friend used the call the thin line of hair on some guys stomachs the "treasure trail."

Sandy C. said...

Oh my! I had no idea they made these! Does this mean we can call metrosexuals "plastic" now?