Sunday, February 3, 2008

Never ending

So - I felt terrible on Friday, and did absolutely nothing yesterday. I was mostly down today - but went to Bubba's soccer game (he scored a goal! Yay! He's the top scorer right now.) Went to the store and regular stuff. Anyway, about 4:30pm, Bubba said he had a sore throat (my one and only symptom as well) and he fell asleep while watching the super bowl.

I got up and made dinner (which was finished right at the end of the game - Yay me!) and he said he wasn't hungry and had a stomachache. I took his temperature and he had a fever of 104.7. Da-amn! So, he just rested through dinner.

I'm guessing he has the same thing I do. Hubby wants to stay at home with him tomorrow, but I'm thinking that since I'm not totally well - that maybe I should stay at home with him instead. Anyway, I might also need to go to the doctor tomorrow to do a strep test. It's weird to feel so bad with a sore throat and a fever with no other symptoms. I get strep about once a year usually.

So, I should probably be better tomorrow - Bubba will be sick for a day or two, Prissy will likely get it - then hubby will be down for the count. The good thing is that we don't have anything major until a week from Tuesday when we have belt testing. However, Bubba has some massive math competition on Thursday.

That's all - just the never ending bugs in our house.

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