Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wish it was more exciting

I wish this post was something more exciting for you. It's nothing. Blah. Boring. I'm so sorry...

I have been spending my excess time (HAHAHAH!!) trying to learn the Microsoft Expression tools. So far - I'm not throwing up. But, only time will tell. I still am thinking I'd like to trade services for services - I'll do some web development for some sort of service. It's actually hilarious that I use blogger for this site. My other original site is an installed Movable Type site that I modified and made it my own. Oddly, I like blogger a little bit better for just general boring blogging updates. But, I'm actually able to develop websites. So, why not start bartering my "talents?"

This has been such a slack week - the public schools have presidents week so we didn't have baton. And it's been raining like cats and dogs so both baseball and softball have been cancelled. So, it's been rather low key. I've cooked every night this week. I KNOW, RIGHT? Hubby has a pretty nasty cold, he was supposed to travel tomorrow for work, but canceled it - he's really congested and stuffed up - so flying would be horrific. I'm glad he'll be at home tomorrow. Prissy is traveling to San Francisco tomorrow for a field trip - unfortunately it's an outdoor fieldtrip - I'm glad I'm not going on it. Bleh.. It's cold and rainy. But, Prissy is still excited - kids don't mind the cold and wet.

So - I wish this update was exciting, or funny, or at least interesting - I apologize for that. :)

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