Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dinner Conversation

Scene: Prissy is trying to pour parmesean cheese on her rigatoni. It's a bit clumpy and she's having a hard time.

Prissy: There are sure a lot of balls in this cheese!
Me: You just defined my working conditions.
Prissy: Huh?
Hubby in singsong voice: In-ap-pro-pri-ot!

Moral of the story - I work with almost all cheesy men... :D (but the few women I work with - all top notch!)

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Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Man, I feel like that after being subjected to Mike Huckabee's insane victory rant on TV...

Anyway, if I am remembering correctly, you are somewhere in Northern CA. I'm actually heading out there this weekend for a baby shower (my blog friend Count Mockula), and if the stars align properly, I wonder if I might be able to meet you in person on Monday? Can you email me at cussandotherrants AT gmail, and I'll give you the details of my trip. I promise not to bring peanuts.