Friday, March 14, 2008

Allergies and To Dos


Physical Therapy - Ouch.
Work - Ouch.
Lunch - Yum. Ate at a place called Pei Wei - holy crap is it good.
Work - Ouch. Met with current US boss (not NIB) and I like him.
Left early - Rejoice!
Took son to be the teacher helper at Taekwondo - sat. boring.
My Taekwondo - ouch. Just joined leadership - holy crap is it hard.
Came home - ate.
Prissy and Hubby went to softball opening ceremonies - Yay I didn't have to go!
Bubba and I watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and ate popcorn in the dark. Fun. Unfortunately - my allergies kicked in and almost killed me. I thought my nose was going to run off. Hubby says that I'm allergic to the night.

I didn't get to the bank, to the sewing store (to finish up Jade's costume solo costume), or to the sports store. Oh well.

Tomorrow, Prissy has a baton competition - BUT IT'S LOCAL. And by local - I mean 15 minutes from our house. Never before has it been so close. (local can mean anywhere from an hour to two hours away. Away competitions are 2.5 to 3 hours away.) But, she also has a softball game at 5pm and she's pitching. This girl is going to be exhausted. I hope it rains (which it's supposed to.)

So, I'm semi-prepared for tomorrow. But, prepared enough. (I want to do an entire blog post on enough at some point.) We do have to get up really early.

And then... AND THEN??!!!! I'm "off" all next week for the kids spring break. I'm officially on vacation, but I'll probably still check email and do a bit of catch up work. But, that will just make the week after easier. I also have to go to physical therapy (probably 3 times) - blah... Maybe my MRI results will come back quickly.

That's it.

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