Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feeling Creative

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I'm feeling SO creative this weekend. Prissy's baton coach drew out a costume that she thought would be cute on Prissy for her marching and presentation. I was pretty sure I could make it (and made a test one from my test fabric.) Yesterday, we went to JoAnns and Prissy found a fabric that she absolutely loves.

I modified the pattern and put the costume together yesterday and today while I was at Walmart, I found this really long fringe. I've seen some other costumes with fringe like this and I wasn't sure what we could use as a skirt for the costume. So, I bought it and decided to see if it would look cute. It seemed like it would be ok. So, this afternoon, I put the two straps on the costume and put some elastic on the fringe and sewed it on - I was surprisingly nervous doing this. But, it came out really really cute. It's absolutely not perfect - but, I'm really proud of it. I hope it passes!

Anyway, here is the front and the back:

baton_outfits 009

baton_outfits 008

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I freaking altered a pattern and sewed a costume from a drawn PICTURE!!!! The board president/team seamstress can do that sort of stuff in her sleep. But this is the first time that I'VE done it. I'm a ROCKSTAR!!!! ROCKSTAR I TELL YOU!!!

However, I bet you $100 the coach will hate the fabric and fringe and want me to do something else. And then I will quietly cry in my wine glass.

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