Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring has Begun

Can I tell that spring has begun because everything is in bloom? No... Can I tell that it's spring because the kids and hubby are sneezing? Sort of, but no. Can I tell that it's spring because the Easter stuff and the pink and green dresses and suits are in the stores? No again.

It's because life has turned CRA-ZAY-ZEE!!!! Or just fucking chaotic..

Kids are are in softball and baseball and continue to do baton and Taekwondo. Bubba is on the farm baseball team and all of the kids on his team are 7-12 inches taller. They are all better catchers and hitters than hubby and I. These kids are amazing. After Bubba's practice this morning I was absolutely sure he was going to want to quit - but being a child of my DNA he LOVED IT and is more determined than ever to get better and had the best.time.ever. So, that's good.

But, this past week we didn't get home before any decent time. It's been absolutely insane. Well actually I should spell that I.N.S.A.N.E... Because Bubba (and myself and hubby) have shown excellent promise in Taekwondo, we will be moving up to Leadership classes. This is cool! And a little bizarre. But, damn, just more shit to do.

Tomorrow, Bubba has an indoor soccer game early in the morning and baseball practice at 5pm in the afternoon and I have to go grocery shopping at WALMART and I'm meeting my dear dear friend who is making her life as a contractor in this area.

Anyway, I finished another leotard yesterday and hopefully the coach will have Prissy's leo designed so I can start working on it. It should be pretty cool! Saving lots and lots of money. Yay!

The kids public school registrations are due on Monday, so I'm working on getting them all filled out this weekend! I feel so liberated! I'm getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal.

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