Saturday, March 29, 2008

Customer Support

Oh Crap Man -

My dad got a new laptop. He had it sent to us so we could install his speech software and get wireless working - get all the mail and other things setup and ready for him to use. My mom was going to take it back with her when she comes out next month.

We got the laptop yesterday and the display is all hosed up. Hubby is a graphics device driver developer - so, he did several tests on the system and determined it wasn't software (because it was screwed up even before the OS starts up.) And he determined it wasn't the graphics card because when we plug in an external monitor it is absolutely beautiful - so we know that the LCD panel on the laptop is hosed. It's also a bit weird in booting and just isn't "right."

  • I sent an email to customer service last night, and then got on a chat with them.
  • The chat guy agreed that the LCD is hosed and gave me a phone number.
  • I called the phone number today and I was connected to another technician.
  • I went through the same thing as I did with the chat guy - and he wanted to send someone out to fix the LCD panel. NO - I want a computer that works. My dad paid for a computer that works and shouldn't get one that has to be fixed before it's even been used once.
  • He says ok, gives me a number and then connects me with customer service again.
  • I have to go through the entire thing again with the next guy and the next guy tells me that they will send a technician out to the house to fix it. Once again - I say NO, I want a computer that works and that I'd like to exchange it for one that functions. He tells me that he has to connect me to the returns and exchange desk and gives me their phone number - which happens to be the phone number that I called originally.\
  • The returns person comes on and the number I was given is not valid (even though it worked for the previous guy.) So, I had to go through the entire shpeel AGAIN! She tells me they can send out a guy to fix the LCD and I say no - again. Being put on hold about 5 times during the call with this last person. Then, she comes back with a bribe and says that they will fix the LCD in 2 days, but I'll have to wait for 2 weeks to get another system (although, we got the system in 5 days from order, so I don't really understand why it will take two weeks to get another one just like it, but whatever.) My mom isn't coming for a month, so 2 weeks is fine. I stick to my guns and say I want a new system. It's brand new - it should work. Is that too much to ask for?
  • She had to put me on hold for another 10 minutes to get authorization and finally got it approved.
  • This evening, I finally get a response from my email I sent and they want me to take the computer apart myself (but it will void the warantee) to fix the LCD connection. I think maybe NO.

I was on the call for almost an hour - and that was after the 45 minute chat session last night.

Man, I hate customer service.. If it doesn't work - they should just take the fucker back and give me one that does work. Period. Is it really that difficult?

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