Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sports Day

OMG. I'm so tired. I woke up WAY before the crack of dawn this morning and threw something on myself and then woke up Prissy and bunnified her hair (I put a bun in her hair) - then I put enough make up on her to wonder if she should be seen in public. Then we went to McDonalds for our traditional pre-baton competition breakfast. Then - off to the competition.

Prissy and Bubba also had a softball and baseball game at 5pm, which meant we would have to leave by 3:30 or 4pm to get there in time. NO PROBLEM. These things usually always get over about 3pm or so. From the get go - things were SO SLOOOOOW. I started counting minutes left about 2 hours before we had to leave. She was able to finish her last performance at exactly 4pm. We booked out of there and we got everyone to softball and baseball without a hitch. But there was zero downtime.

Prissy did awesome in the competition. She ended up with 3 first places out of 8 routines, which is just absolutely incredible. And she placed in all events.

Let's see, she got a:

4th in marching (this is usually her strongest event and she just messed this one up - no big deal.)
1st in intermediate presentation (AWESOME!)
4th in advanced presentation (ALSO AWESOME - the age range was really high on this one.)
A 2nd in beginning dance twirl (awesome)
A 3rd in intermediate dance twirl (awesome - and beat the girl that beat her in beginning)
A 1st in beginning solo
A 1st in intermediate solo
A 3rd (I think) in high-intermediate solo.

So, all in all, she did absolutely fantastic. Being sick on Monday I was worried that it would be too much. But she did spectacular.

Bubba had baseball opening ceremonies this morning (Hubby took him) and then he had pictures at noon.

Then, we raced home and got changed into softball clothes and Prissy went to softball with her dad (who is the scorekeeper) and I went to baseball with Bubba. It was his first game in the farm league. The were pretty much slaughtered (but Prissy won her game.) Let me tell you - it was REALLY REALLY cold. I much more enjoy the indoor sports. We all finally got home about 7pm. Man that was a long sports day.

All in all today, I spent 10 hours sitting in bleachers. I'm so weak that my stomach muscles are fucking sore... From holding my body without a back rest for 10 freaking hours. How pathetic is that? My daughter performs excellently and I'm complaining about the freaking bleachers. I just need to find a good stadium chair.

Ok. Tomorrow, we get to sleep in and I'm so excited. So, so so deeply excited.

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