Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog 365

Some of you may know this - while others may not. I signed up for Blog 365 - which means that I blog every single freaking day. Whether I have something interesting to say or not. Because in the year 2008 we have 366 days, we had leap day off, so I did not post last Friday. Regardless, I have not missed a day yet in my Blogging every day for a freaking year.

Today, I have absolutely nothing to say. My knee hurts a lot today. I did my stupid physical therapy exercises. Bubba had a soccer game and he decided to play with the turf instead of actually playing. I've iced and iced and iced my knee and added lots and lots of ice. I've taken advil and went to Walmart to get groceries. We geocached (which was contra-indicated due to knee pain - but WTF?) and I cooked dinner. I've had quite a bit of wine tonight - and my knee still freaking hurts. UGH! I go back to PT tomorrow - and I'm really not wanting to. It just hurt before, now it FUCKING HURTS!!!! It's depressing because I really really really really don't want another knee surgery. This is SO NOT the time. But, I'll give it the 4 weeks required of hell. Sob!!!

That's all I have to say - back to work tomorrow after PT torture. Monday's suck.

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