Friday, March 21, 2008

Softball Mom?

So Prissy - is really really good at softball. I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm her mom. The girl is really good. Her stats are far above all of her other teammates (Hubby takes the scorekeeping sheet and enters the entire team into excel - he knows the stats of everyone on her team). She pitches and then plays different positions.

I'm not the type of mom to yell at her daughter like certain other softball mom's. "Choke up!" "Watch the ball damnit!" "Can't you catch ANYTHING!!????" "Stop picking flowers and pay attention!" Ok, that last one is me, but at Bubba's games not Prissy's.

I'm so proud of her. In her last game she struck out every single batter that she faced. I should mention that she is in the eight and under fast pitch softball league. These are girls that just simply don't throw strikes. So, to strike out everyone is amazing.

She was struggling a little with hitting at the beginning of the season, now she's just a powerhouse.

Prissy is a natural athlete.

I will say it again, because I honestly cannot believe that this 'being' came from my body. Prissy is a natural athlete. I absolutely was not. Not even close. I still am not. The closest I have come to doing anything well physically is in Taekwondo. And that's only because there aren't any other white middle aged women at my level in my studio to actually compare against.

I have a pride that is a bit unnatural. I try not to gloat, and I always tell the parents around me how good their kids are doing - when we all know that Prissy was the star of the game. It's just so freaking cool. (similar to baton tournaments when Prissy is bringing in all the trophies for indivudal events and her teammates are not.)

On the flip side - Bubba is small. He's always the smallest boy on his team. He's not terribly athletic. And isn't really great at any sport. He also has this super athletic sister that he adores and fights with, and competes fiercely against. I'm the mom at his games watching all the super athletic boys run circles around Bubba. He's awesome in Taekwondo (hmmmm, sound familiar?) but he doesn't love it. When I was little, I didn't really know that I sucked - so I'm hoping that it is similar with him.

Regardless, if I can pass on other things to him - I am good at many other non-atlethic things and I'm hoping we can find those things for him. It's just so hard when Prissy pitches a shutout and scores when she bats and we celebrate that. But, Bubba is struck out every time he's at bat and we tell him he did great and had awesome swings. But at some point, he's got to know that everyone on his team has hit the ball and he hasn't. It's just so freaking awkward. I feel bad. I feel like I shouldn't be celebrating Prissy's athletic achievements because Bubba can't match them (but we still do). I can't compare them. So, we celebrate Prissy's shutout and we celebrate Max not being scared of the pitching machine. And we go buy Icees for everyone.

'Cause you know - sugar is the answer to everything.

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Suzanne said...

Yeah, that's gotta be tough for Bubba, but being good at Taekwondo is a big achievement, too.