Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What are we going to do with him?

Last night, about 9pm (30 full minutes after bedtime) we hear a patter patter patter patter from upstairs. The patter distinctly went into our bedroom. I walked upstairs and there was Bubba with a band-aid. He had a big ole bloody-looking sore on his knee. He said he went and got a band-aid from our bathroom. I asked him how he hurt himself and he said he didn't know. I said it looked like he just did it and asked him how it happened:

  • Bubba: "I don't know. I looked down and it was just bleeding."
  • Me: "Is it a carpet burn, were you scooting across the carpet?"
  • Bubba: "I don't know!!"
  • Hubby gets near for a closer look. "This isn't blood. This looks like... paint?"
  • I go near for a better look too - "It is paint and it's still a little wet. How did you get red paint on your knee?"
  • Bubba: "I don't know... It just got there."
  • Me: Come on in the bathroom and I'll clean it off. You don't need a band-aid.
We go and clean it off. I asked him again how he got paint on his knee and he said he thought that he might have kneeled in it. We went back to his bedroom and I asked him to show me the paint (afraid it would stain the carpet) before I tucked him BACK into bed. He pulls out his little paint set which looked a bit like this:

And it had the red one popped open with little finger indentations inside.
MY SON PAINTED HIS KNEE RED TO LOOK LIKE BLOOD SO HE COULD GET A BAND-AID. I'm not sure what I feel? Here are my range of emotions:

  • OMG - he's totally into blood!!!
  • OMG - We withhold band-aids so much that he needs to fake an injury!!!
  • OMG - He wants attention and needs to fake an injury!!!
  • OMG - He's a total liar!!! THE LITTLE SHIT!!!

With my feelings toward the latter. I should probably be concerned, but I'm not so much. Man, we are going to have to WATCH this one when he becomes a teenager. I have a bad feeling that we may be in for a long long ride.

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Sandy C. said...

Aww, that is quite clever though you have to admit. Could he have just been playing make-believe?