Thursday, March 13, 2008


Who am I talking about? Me, yes me. I am the cranky one. I slept like hell last night - I had so much to do (and finished maybe 1/100th of it). I would doze off and then jerk awake like this:


©Coriander Fyonna Dezotell.

Anyway, it didn't lead to very restful sleep. I was totally stressed out all night long (all niiiiight... yeah... all niiiight... All night long!)

Anyway, today started with me totally freaking out on my kids because they balanced their paper plates (wasn't in the mood to be green this morning - sorry..) on top of the trash can and they promptly fell off and got syrup all over the floor. (yes, yes I DO suck - I wasn't green and I gave my kids SYRUP THIS MORNING - WHAT OF IT???!!!! WHY ARE YOU JUDGING ME??!!!) Then, they were just dilly-dallying and not getting their stuff together... UGH! I went a little nuts.

Then, my cell phone starts playing the imperial death march (I won't bore you with another video include - you can follow it if you choose) while I'm dropping the kids off to school. This derge let's me know it's NIB (New Italian Boss) calling. (note - it's 30 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work.) We have a decent conversation about "stuff" that lasts while I drive to work. About 30 minutes later he calls one of my employees (who sits not 7 feet from me) to talk about the same "stuff" we had just discussed and agreed upon. He was following up on me and trying to get a different answer than I gave him. BASTARDO!!!! (that is the extent of my Italian today.)

Well, my PMS and sleepnessless and overworked-ness and overwhelmed-ness and general disgust for my situation came bubbling up and I started yelling at my employee while he was on the phone. Not really AT my guy, but at NIB who he was talking too. Saying, "I JUST TOLD HIM WE ARE HAVING A MEETING ABOUT IT TOMORROW.... WHY IS HE TRYING TO GET A DIFFERENT ANSWER??!!! I GAVE HIM THE DAMN ANSWER." The bad part is that I have a very loud voice - it carries - a long way - especially when I'm raving ranting. It's not bad that NIB heard, it's bad that we work in a cubicle environment and EVERYONE heard. Sort of lost my temper. Anyway... What is he going to do fire me? (He might - but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.) Yesterday he called me while I was dropping off the kids and my cell phone was in the car. He didn't leave a voicemail, but called my employee (same one) and told him to find me. It was again 30 minutes before work and he was still at home. Dude - he could have at least left me a message, I would have gotten right back with him. And need I even mention that he's calling on our personal cell phones? Whatever, it's the price I pay to play.

Bitch bitch bitch, whine whine moan...

Anyway, hubby volunteered to pick up Prissy from softball so I could work on the costumes that I have to finish for Saturday's baton competition (which were given to me last night to finish). They went way faster than I thought - so that is a major thing DONE that I was seriously stressing over. DONE!

I had an MRI yesterday of my knee. I'm hoping to get the results tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm drinking one more glass of wine tonight and then I'm going to bed and hopefully I will be able to sleep until morning (pretty sad that's all I want.)

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