Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not a Bad Day

Today was not a bad day. And that is saying something.

However, I did not sleep well -

Ode to Sleeping like Crap
Stupid Sudaphed before bed
Wakes me up and makes me reach for a cup
Wild Dreams abound, leaving me a fleshy mound.
I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Besides not sleeping well, my kids had a dentist appointment and we all got to sleep in a little bit - unfortunately, I was awake (see above prose) so there was no sleeping in for me. BUT, it was a relaxing morning - I had lots of time to get ready. Neither of the kids have any cavites and their teeth are in great shape and they are brushing well. YAY!!! Also, a major, massive, PITA issue that I did not cause but solved brilliantly (but it probably contributed to my sleeplessness) was resolved this morning by my heroic efforts. CINDY TO THE RESCUE!!!! Huge Yays! for me...

Also, and this is super, I actually fit into one of my old pair of pants!!!! I wanted to dress up a little bit today because NIBs boss (that makes him my bosses boss and a vice president of the new company - but he and nib are really tight) flew in from Italy and scheduled a meeting with me today. I was quite nervous. But, the cool part - my pants fit. They haven't fit in a really really really long time. So, my 16 pounds of weight loss? Has actually made a difference! YAY ME!!!

The meeting with the BIG Italian VP (or Big NIB) went ok. Neither awesome nor horrible. Weirdly, I have a dreadful feeling that he wants to fire me after the company starts. But, I think that my US bosses will protect me - I have saved their asses from mistakes of this other company so many times and they know it. And if they don't protect me - I'm not horrified, so whatever... Maybe I can get a good severance package out of it? Shoot - even if I could get 6 months that would be great.

I was also invited to a recognition lunch for my efforts thus far (as well as a few other deserving co-workers). The food was ok, the speaker was terrible, and it was sort of a waste of time, but it was still a nice gesture.

Anyway - it was not a bad day. I was supposed to take Bubba to Taekwondo this evening, but I didn't make it home in time. And _I_ was supposed to have Taekwondo this evening, but my knee was absolutely on fire today (I stupidly wore heels - because I dressed up for Big NIB - shall I write another poem?) and I'm pretty worn out (see the above stanza) - so I just didn't go. I leave you with this - don't hate me because I'm so awesome...

Ode to the Sore Knee
I wear heels to look talk and slim,
then I realize about noon that I am very dim.
While my calves look totally awesome,
My knee is on fire and swells to the size of a giant blossom.
I smile and grin while I'm schmoozing the big wigs
and then wince and limp back to my own digs -
cause they don't really care about calves, it's much more about cleavage - the pigs.

The end.

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Suzanne said...

Usually they don't fire people who they give recognition lunches for, they just jerk you around and screw with you until you leave. :) Seriously, though, I hope that everything works out. Severance is certainly a godsend for someone thinking about leaving her job anyway...