Monday, March 31, 2008

Goodbye Intel

Well -

I'm no longer an Intel employee. I have worked there for 12 years of my life. I've actually worked there my entire adult life - and started working there straight out of college. Actually, I started working there before I got out of school as an Co-op at Intel, and then went back to school and then went back to Intel.

We've had our ups and downs. The last few years we've been in a slump - Intel and I. Intel has been all processes and security, lots of lay offs and very little fun. I've been wanting more flexibility and making choices because they are right and not necessarily because they follow the process.

But, Intel has booted me and all of my co-workers out. Intel has said it doesn't need a NOR memory business any more and instead of shutting us down completely - it has made it possible for us to start up our own company. I am now a part of Numonyx. However, I still sit in the same building and I'm still doing exactly the same job. I'm just now making money for a different company. Our colors are now orange instead of blue.

The color thing is sort of hard for me - my elementary school colors were royal blue, my high school colors were blue and silver, I went to KU and the colors were blue and red (GO JAYHAWKS!!!! FINAL FOUR BABY!!!!) Intel's colors are royal blue. I grew up in Kansas City with the Royal's and their color is Royal blue. The Rocklin kids soccer teams are all royal blue. So, I've always been associated with the color blue. I'm not totally sure that I can just switch my lifelong blue association to orange. Orange? Who chooses Orange? I guess we wanted to be associated with Cingular or something.

Anyway, today marks the first day of our new company. It's exciting, and a little bittersweet.

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Creatively Observant said...

How is the new gig going? I SO want to ditch my current job for nearly the same reasons - I hate process, and process hates me. I know there needs to be some of it but jeez, does there need to be three rules for a rule? :)