Monday, March 3, 2008

Knee Saga Continued

So, I posted about my Knee Saga (it's funny, because I titled this post and then I went to look for my older post to link to and it's also named the Knee Saga... Hmmm, go figure.) Anyway, here is the link to my previous entry back in October on my clean and gentle site.

My knee is not getting better. It still hurts and it still swells at night. I can still do Taekwondo, but I can't run well and even long stints of walking or even standing really make it extremely sore. I went to the regular doc a few weeks ago and she said it might not be healing because of my previous surgeries and she referred me to the very excellent UC Sports Medicine doctors. I went today and they took a look at it. It's funny because I wrote about the doctor wanting to check my reflexes on that knee in my previous post - well the doctor today did check my reflexes and I wasn't quite ready for it. I screamed EXTREMELY loud and I had an almost irrestible urge to hit the doctor in the face. ("reflexes are great - she did a knife hand strike to the side of my neck.") I yelled at the doctor and told him "Don't you EVER do that again!" wanting to add Dumb ASS! Then, with all this prodding, pulling and pushing - I was having a hard time telling what hurt and what didn't because it was throbbing like crazy from him HITTING IT WITH A FUCKING HAMMER!

Anyway, they basically said it's messed up, but they aren't sure exactly what is happening. My kneecap is a little out of alignment, I have lots of pain, it's definately the tendon - but they don't know if it's just inflamed or if it's torn. So, I go in for an MRI next week and I start Physical Therapy on Friday morning. I will go to PT twice a week for 6 weeks. Just one more thing to add to the to do list. *sob* (my sob is the more shit to do, and not the fact I have to go to PT.)

But, I'm just really hoping that it will HEAL already! Stupid knee. If I do have to have surgery again, I'd like for it to be before I quit work (in my fantasy world), so I still have good health insurance.

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Suzanne said...

Yeah, it may be worth hanging onto the job a little longer just to be sure that you have the good insurance. Otherwise, you'll really be up shit's creek. I hope that everything works out!