Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moving Toward the Light

I see it... Way way way way off in the distance.... It's down there, isn't it? Isn't that a pinpoint of light? I'm almost certain it is. I feel like it's going to get closer and closer and bigger and bigger and soon I will be a part of that light..

I had a glass of wine with a dear friend of mine this evening. This is a woman I met about 5 years ago because our kids were both peanut allergic and our kids were going into kindergarden and we decided what we wanted the school to do about it. I played good cop, she played bad cop.. And we got exactly what we wanted. We ended up living in the same city and we've become really good friends and our kids are all friends and even our hubby's like each other. Her professional life has mirrored mine. We've both moved up in our careers and we both have almost almost managed approximately the same number of people. She lost her job in January. And has gone into consulting and she is just loving life. It was wonderful to see her and wonderful to talk to her and I feel all energized and shit. Damn, if we used each other as part of a network - we would be unstopable.

I'm registering my kids in the local public school tomorrow. Part of me is scared shitless. This is a big huge giant change for us. Is this for real? Is this pinpoint of light really light and just not a figment of my imagination? I'm still so scared to get my hopes up.

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Suzanne said...

It's going to work. And no matter what happens, it is definitely worth trying.