Sunday, March 16, 2008

Video's of the Week

Sometimes I do pictures of the week. This week, I'm doing videos of the week, but it's only based on baton - 'cause it's the only video I took this week. Sorry - it's just the way it is.

Prissy's Solo:

Prissy's Dance Twirl:

This one was Prissy just being weird, so I call it Weird Prissy:

Wow, did you actually watch all three? I didn't think so. If you watched any, I'd suggest watching the last one. It just shows how sparkly Prissy is. Even though it was a long day it was worth it.

(I also just invested in some super awesome stadium chairs - I'm totally looking forward to checking them out tomorrow at Prissy's softball game - the coach told me that she's the starting pitcher tomorrow - should be fun (by that I mean comfortable.))

1 comment:

Sandy C. said...

LOL! Ah....sugar and caffeine :) I loved the clips! She's darling and so talented. I can't imagine performing before judges like that. And the baton twirling? That's so neat! I'd poke out my eye ;)