Monday, March 24, 2008

Cutsey Pictures

Yeah, it's lame. I'm doing it. I'm just posting some cutsey pictures of the kids and the cat. I went back to work today and I think I enjoy being home so much more.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

OMG? REALLY - how freaking cute is this? The cat is totally sleeping under the blanket cuddling with Bubba.
lunar_eclipse 015

I mean honestly? Cutsey? HELL YES!
lunar_eclipse 016

THEN?? THEN!!! Bubba falls asleep and the kitty is cuddling with HIM!! OMG!!! Call Cute Overload! (Although, I'm not sure what he is doing to her butt...)
lunar_eclipse 019

Dudes. This is where our pool is going. I'll continue to take this picture. I know our backyard is tiny. And it's really muddy. And we can't really use this space. So, a pool will ROCK MY WORLD!!!!
lunar_eclipse 028

Holy crap! MORE KIDS AND CATS PICTURES??!!! Yup. This one was taken early in the morning. Even though Prissy seems to have unusually large hands in this picture, it's still so cute. Look at the kitty's paw pads. AWWWW!!!! (Notice the upside down pillow - it was a sweet gift from my sister, it says: "I smile because your my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it." That pretty much sums up our relationship, and my entire family actually.)
lunar_eclipse 029

And here is a few Easter Egg Hunt pictures. OMG! A Monkey Easter Egg Basket!!! DYING OF CUTSEY-NESS!!!!
lunar_eclipse 036

"Son... Is that a Monkey (Panty) on your head?" (Does anyone out there get that reference? PLEASE?!!! PLEASE!!! HOLY SHIT!!! PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT OLD AND OBSOLETE!!!!)
lunar_eclipse 037

It's the "Look at Me!!!! I'm So CUTESY" shot...
lunar_eclipse 045

Ok, that's enough, even I've had enough. :D

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