Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hot Potato Hot Potato!!!

Let's see.... The score today:

Day = Busy
Car = Oil Changed = It's about freaking time.
Bubba = Taekwondo + Baseball
Prissy = Softball
Me = Taekwondo + Physical Therapy Exercises = Knee not so sore today
Family = Walmart trip for baseball/softball things
Family = Trip to Safeway for Prescriptions = found out for whatever reason Bubba and Prissy have been dropped from Hubby's insurance. DANG IT!

Not Equals
House != Clean
Car != Washed
Website != Done (or even started)
Costume != Done
Prissy != Baton practiced for competition next week

All in all - it was a good day. I'm thrilled to pieces that daylight savings begins (or is that ends?) tomorrow. Not so thrilled about losing an hour of sleep - but I'm so so so so so so so so excited that it will be lighter later.

Kids and I played a lot of catch today - It was a beautiful day here - sunny and 70s - everything in bloom - gorgeous - we're pretty much allergy central around here. ACHOO!!!

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