Saturday, March 22, 2008


So, we moved to the "leadership" classes in Taekwondo. This means we now train with those about to get their black belts and those that have their black belts and are working towards the next degree. It's fun, but holy crap it's hard. I'm once again the bottom of the class.

If all goes well (and I don't have to get knee surgery) I should have my black belt in about a year. Bubba should have his black belt in August. It's pretty exciting actually.

We have started to work with swords. Can I tell you what a bad-ass I feel like drawing my fucking sword? There is a move where we chop someone's head off - fucking chopping their heads off!!!! Of course the swords are not real metal, and you would just simply bruise someone's neck - but it's still pretty cool.

Cindy - THE BADASS NINJA MINI-VAN SOCCER MOM! (dudes, I should totally change my description to that.)

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