Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Bubba stayed at home again today. He was still running a high fever last night and I was certain it was going to come back today, but it didn't. He'll be good to go to school tomorrow.

Here was a recent exchange we had just a few minutes ago.

Bubba: Can I have a piece of candy? I finished all of my dinner.

Me: Sure.

Bubba: Skittles?

Me: That’s fine.

Bubba gets candy…

Bubba: I have to, ahhhh, go upstairs for something….

I turn around and Bubba has his jacket on with bulging pockets. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Me: You need to take off your jacket before you go upstairs.

Bubba: Ummm... I can’t.

Me: You can’t? Here, I can unzip it for you.

Bubba: NO! I mean. I’m really cold…

Me: Are you sure that your pockets aren’t filled with candy that you are trying to sneak upstairs?

Bubba: !!!!!

Me: Is there candy in your pockets?

Bubba: mumble…

Me: What?

Bubba: yes….

Me: Take it out of your pockets and put the skittles back.

Bubba puts away candy and is ANGRY…


Me: Yes, I am mean when you don’t follow the rules and try to sneak around.

Bubba: IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

Me: Actually, it was very fair to give you candy. You chose to get more than you knew you were supposed to have.


Hmmmm…. This one is going to be hell when he’s a teenager. He's actually doing pretty good at not talking to me. I don't think he's talked to me for 15 minutes. Ahhh.... Heaven. He started to about 5 minutes ago, and then stopped himself.

Oh!! He just now came up to me and said this

Bubba: Mama. I'm sorry I tried to sneak candy to my room.

Me: I forgive you. But, I want to trust you and you can't build trust by sneaking candy to your room. Don't do that again! Mommy or daddy will always catch you.

Bubba nods and sniffs a little and goes off to take his shower.

Question for all of you bloggers out there. Did he manipulate me or did he really mean it? Remember - he is only 6. Or, just tell me, I can take it - I'm screwed aren't I?

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