Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great Day Today

Today was a great day. Yes, yes, it really was! I mean it! While I had some nib inspired pissyness this morning, I was able to get over it because we had a retirement party this afternoon for 4 of my team members. One actually left the company and stopped working and the other three are retiring from our current company (because they have put in their sweat and tears for enough years) and will be rehired at the new company. Anyway, we all got to leave early and drink. And these people are some of my favorite people.

I work in a very very male dominated industry (computer engineering) - it is not always easy. I have the most awesome group of people. (I don't work for the most awesome people (nib) but the most awesome people work for me and is entirely the reason I get up for work every day.) Anyway, two of the retirees are women, and these two women in particular have taken me under their wing to "groom" me. They decided long ago that I would become the next WOMAN MANAGER. And you know what - I am. These two women have paved the way for me (and the other women in the industry.) They have participated in women's conferences (in our particular industry) and pushed back on the asshole sexist men to make them see.. These are women that I look up to, and I had the greatest honor to manage. But, they are also partly responsibile for me getting this position (just giving me the courage to pursue it and for paving they way to even allow the possibility of a woman manager.)

Anyway, the party was AWESOME... It was great to leave work early... It was great to see everyone that I haven't seen in awhile. It was great to have my company paying for my wine consumption... :)

Tomorrow, we travel to a baton competition... My daughter and I will drive several hours and stay in a hotel room tomorrow night. It's very exciting for both of us. First, it's wonderful for us to spend some alone time together (I have to make sure to balance it out with my son.) And competitions are always fun and exciting... Anyway, I like the whole deal... We get there and go out to dinner (just the two of us) and then come back and cuddle and watch TV... Then I'm ALWAYS so proud of her in competition... She's just so amazing..

So, today was a good day... I'm feeling positive, energized, and ready to go back tomorrow... Tomorrow morning may be a different story, but right now - I'm just feeling all around good... :D

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Suzanne said...

That is so wonderful to read. Lately, all I've been seeing is sniping about how women don't mentor each other and are cut-throat wenches who think only of themselves. In my experience, that is not true, and I am so happy to learn that it was not yours, either. I wish those amazing women a very happy retirement.