Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sick Kid - Disney TV Gluttony

Today, I woke my son up at 6:30 and I was rubbing his back trying to convince him to wake up. I rub his back because if he is woken too suddenly from his hibernation he attacks like a wild animal. His back was really really hot. But, I figured that he was just warm from sleeping. He got up and said that he slept really bad last night and had terrible dreams. I decided to take his temperature and he had a fever of 101.6 poor little guy. So, we stayed at home today. Usually, if I have a sick kid it is at the most inopportune time. I have some major project due. I have a massive presentation to God that I really shouldn't fuck up. But, today, some random sunshine fairy smiled down on me and it was actually the perfect day for him to be sick. I had very few meetings to call into and nothing major needing LOTS of personal attention today. I love that I still got to get some work done.

Let's see, today we watched:

  • Suite Life of Zack and Cody - DAMN BRATS!!!!
  • Underdog - cute move about a dog with super powers
  • The Incredibles - one of my all time favorites. Even dressed as the incredibles one Halloween.
  • Shark Boy and Lava Girl - we didn't have the 3D glasses to watch this DVD with. Weird to watch a 3D movie without glasses.
  • High School Musical 2 - I think I've just about had enough of High School Musical. All I can think about is if the kids will turn into alcoholics or drug addicts. I'm trying to figure out which one will be the next Lindsay Lohan.
  • Spongebob Squarepants the Movie - I usually hate Spongebob, but I enjoyed this movie.
  • Ice Age - My kids watched this in the car for our long commute home before they were big enough to wear headphones, so I've heard the movie 200-300 times and can probably repeat it verbatum. It's very interesting to actually watch it with the lines that I know.

So, I'm feeling very intellectual now. Did you know that Troy and Gabriella broke up for a short time? Yes, it is true... But, don't worry - they got back together. I know you were worried.

Bubba has complained on and off all day about his tummy hurting. I keep waiting for this to turn into the stomach flu. And actually had some puke-a-phobia panic about it. I think I started in with my first glass of wine at 4pm. But, one of my good friends (and fellow mom) said that other kids in the school with the same symptoms are being diagnosed with strep. Strep? So, if Bubba is still running a fever tomorrow we'll go to the doctor and ask for a strep test.

But, maybe it was just a totally random fever. He rested all day on the couch - he hasn't been running a fever for at least 8 hours now. So, maybe it was just something bizzare. It's been known to happen.

One of the sweeter things of today is that the demon kitty who is starting to turn sweet slept on my lap almost all day. At one point, I was "cuddling" Bubba and the kitty was laying half on my lap and half on his lap. Very cuddly and warm. Really!

I went to Taekwondo tonight and it felt good to get at least some exercise. I've also been on the couch all day. Although, I've been sitting with my laptop on a TV tray next to me. While watching crappy kid TV. Because I worked so hard to get ready for the tournament, I'm totally ready for the next testing. Yeehaw!

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