Sunday, January 6, 2008

How Did it Know??

Ok, so one of my guilty private secrets is that I like to go to blogthings and take their stupid little quizzes. I took a quiz called "What Type of Drinking Woman Are You?" It asked questions about where I like to drink, with who, etc. It didn't ask me about what type of alcohol I like to consume. So, when this popped up I was totally flabbergasted!!! How did it know? Those that know me know that I'm a white wine drinker... I LIKE my white wine. Well, in all honesty, I LOVE my white wine. I'm drinking a lovely glass of it right now (well, I am home and it's after 5. Did you think that I wasn't drinking my white wine?) In case you were wondering, I'm drinking a glass of Artesa Chardonnay - which was introduced to me by our good friends over New Year's Eve. All I can say is YUM!

You Are a White Wine Woman

Breezy and casual, you know how to have fun when you're drinking.
And even though you can kick back with a few drinks, you never let things get out of hand.
Alcohol is not a social lubricant for you... it just enhances your already sparkling personality.
You prefer to date a man who is optimistic, friendly, and funny.

Case in point - Prissy took this wonderful picture of me just this evening:

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