Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vacation Day was a Bust

Well, today was sort of a bust. Today was the day that my kids went back to school and I am still on vacation. I was going to LOVE it! But, it turned out that today was somewhat of a bust.
I was going to sleep in, but when the kids and hubby got up, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Shoot. Damn it! I worry that one of them won't get up on time. Or Hubby will forget a lunch. Or in the case of today - they forgot a backpack (with the lunch in it.) The house cleaners were supposed to come at 9:45ish, here was my day:

  • 7:30am: Self flagellation to get dressed and try to motivate myself to get on the treadmill.
  • 8:00am: Finally, finally convince myself to exercise (doing the podfitness - pretty cool! Holy shit this thing takes me right to the limit of my fitness. I can barely barely finish. But, the positive part is that I CAN finish. It's just hard to get started because I know it will try to kill me.)
  • 8:45am: Shower cause I worked out hard enough to SWEAT!
  • 9:00am: Hurry and clean up the laundry room (where cat litter and cat food are.)
  • 9:10am: Finish putting away all the Christmas decorations and pick up random crap. The house is cleaner than it has been for a long time.
  • 9:50am: Where are the cleaners? Put bags of old clothes and give away stuff in Sparky (my badass mini-van).
  • 10:15am: Cleaners are late. They were supposed to be here. Watch TV for a few minutes thinking they will be hear any minute.
  • 10:40am: Ok, they will certainly show up at any moment, I leave the house and go run some errands.
  • 10:45am: Go to Goodwill and drop off stuff in back of car - there are a TON of people there and all fighting over the same parking space, these freaks were running over curbs, honking at each other, and flipping each other off. I park further away and carry stuff in. The nice guy that works there helped me carry in my give-aways.
  • 10:50am: I go to write up my receipt and a guy PUSHES me out of the way to fill his receipt out first. Unfortunately, he's never done it before and it takes him FOREVER!!! I swear to gawd that this guy was such a jerk. He is one of the flipper-offer horn honkers. I wanted to shove something up his flipper-offer while he was standing there writing for TEN FREAKING MINUTES!!!!
  • 11:00am: I finally fill out my receipt.
  • 11:15am: Go to the mall - go to Nordstroms - big sale there. Of course, I'm not a shopper and I freak out as soon as I walk in. I didn't go into full panic mode like I sometimes do, and I touched some clothes. And then go the hell out of there.
  • 11:25am: Walk around the mall, go to Eddie Bauer where I'm more comfortable and get a really cute sweater (Yay me! I shopped by myself and found something!) Ran into a woman who just retired from my group yesterday. She left and there was no one there to wish her goodbye. It made me sad. But, she is just glowing with happiness! And it was weird to see someone from work in my neck of the woods. And she is excited for her upcoming retirement party. :) Whenever I see her I still feel a big twang of guilt - I was the one that decided it was time for her to retire. She's not at all unhappy about it. But, I still have LOTS of guilt because she is a really wonderful person.
  • 11:45am: Go to the Coach store. I SO want another Coach purse. Mine is starting to fall apart (after almost 2 years of daily carrying.) But, the mall just freaks me out and I didn't buy anything.
  • 11:55am: I stupidly wore high-heeled boots and my feet are hurting. I go to Bath and Body Works and get some nice smelling anti-bacterial hand stuff. I have to use that a lot for Prissy - we clean her hands and other's hands to make sure everything is peanut free. It's nice when the smell is fragrant rather than the standard alcohol smell.
  • 12:10pm: Go back to Nordstroms to see if I still freak out. Yes, yes I do and I get the hell out of there quick.
  • 12:30pm: Go to subway to get a sandwich. Listen to this stupid person behind me talk about how high his cholesterol is and then order a footlong BMT with extra mayo. Duh! He was just chattering along about how subway doesn't have soups when there was this huge sign about their soup. He was just annoying. It took WAY too long in Subway - they were super busy. my patience was at a minimum because I was in a mall yo. I freaking hate the mall and it takes everything I have just to walk in them.
  • 12:50pm: Go home, DAMN IT! The house cleaners hadn't come yet!!! Eat my sandwich while watching TV.
  • 1:10pm: Go upstairs and work on my quilt. Which is really all I wanted to do today anyway. Get somewhere on my freaking quilt before I go back to work and I'm too tired to work on it anymore. It'll take a year for me to finish this one too I'm sure.
  • 1:20pm: House cleaners show up. Of course. Decide to be a jerk and stay and work on my quilt for a little while.
  • 1:45pm: Feel bad and leave. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if I can find a new bedspread for Prissy for her birthday. I'm wearing my most favorite suede jacket and matching suede boots. It starts POURING as I walk into the store. Find most adorable bedspread and some super cute valences. Prissy will LOVE them.
  • 2:45pm: Leave to go pick up Prissy and Bubba - Prissy has an Orthodontist appointment.
  • 3:30pm: Get to school. Worry that we won't make to to ortho on time. IT'S POURING!!! MY BEAUTIFUL JACKET IS SOAKED!!!
  • 4:00pm: Get to ortho just in time. Takes all of 5 mins to tighten her braces. Still have 3 or 4 more visits before the braces come off (we were thinking she'd have them off by Christmas. Looks more like Easter now.) She's so disappointed - they were only supposed to be on 6 months and it's pushing 8 months now.
  • 5:00pm: Stop at the grocery store, Pick up coffee creamer (we ran out yesterday) and cat food. I also got a bottle of wine. Just buying a bottle of wine lifts my spirits and I start to forget about the damn mall.
  • 5:30pm: Do evening stuff - dinner, baths, reading, blah blah blah.
  • 9:00pm: Blogging.

So, I didn't get to work on my quilt like I wanted. I was out of the house way more than I had anticipated. But, I did get Prissy's big birthday present. She told me yesterday that she wants a skateboard. The child can't even roller skate very well. And she wants a skateboard??!! Yikes. She's not getting one. But, she'll probably get some new clothes that fit her. Because we gave all of her other clothes away to goodwill. Although, they didn't fit her. But, at least she had something to cover her body. The poor child is going to grow up with cool gadgets but no clothes on her back. Not from poorness, but because her mother HATED clothes shopping. Poor girl.

So, hopefully tomorrow will be a little more vacation-ey! It's my last vacation day... :(

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