Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Not Playing

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This is how I feel about work. I don't want to play ANYMORE!!!! WAHHH!!!!!!

I copied nib (new italian boss) on every.single.email today. I'm meeting with him first thing in the morning and I'm sure he'll give me pointers on my communication skills. Although, I have to say, one of my employees and I made an agreement to keep responding to each other's mails (all copying him of course). We IMed and actually knew the answer, but we must have sent at least 15 mails - that will be fun for nib when he comes in. MUHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I'm giving him a presentation on team building tomorrow - he told me that Italians are skeptical about "management" like stuff. You know - that doesn't surprise me at all. He needs to get a clue that a large portion of his organization is in America and from a very leadership-development forward company. Additionally, much of the American portion of his organization are Gen Y-ers. Which are a whole different ballgame to management. The challenges are much different with this group of 22-30 year olds. Amazing talent - oozing with talent that makes you fear they are going to walk out at any second if you don't give them uber cool projects to work on. This is also not the group that you tell to copy you on every message.

Anyway, it should be interesting. If I post tomorrow morning - it'll because I'm furious (which is typical after a meeting with nib first thing in the morning.)

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Suzanne said...

Heh heh. I love that you sent him a billion emails. I hate idiot bosses. Why are they all idiots? Good luck with your meeting.