Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes, I Actually Competed

OMG! So, I showed up at 7:30am this morning at the Taekwondo competition and started selling merchandise (tshirts, key chains, headbands, and athletic supporters (which were a surprisingly big seller.)) My son competed early and won 1st place in forms and weapons - however, all kids his age win first in each one. I think he won first place in awesome kicks or something. He did a great job.

Anyway, we went home for a short time and ate lunch and I changed into my uniform. I went back to the competition and worked at the merchandise stand for another hour and a half. Hubby and the kids came and then they called the Adults to the staging area. I was SO nervous I was sick to my stomach. I've been wondering what I was thinking when I signed up for this tournament for days. I'm almost 35 years old and not in the best shape of my life. What was I thinking?

Anyway, they break us up into groups - men and women and then into ages: 30-39 year olds and there are a lot of us. And 40-49 year olds. Those are my companions in the school.... There are 4 of them... but there are a lot of us in our age range. They lead us to a ring and we wait for the group in front of us to finish up. Then, we start stretching out and I'm nervous... Really really really nervous... Prissy (she just got a cheapo kids camera last night for her birthday) is taking A LOT of pictures of the whole thing. I see hubby being led to a ring pretty near mine.

I look around and there are 13 other women. Most of them black belt decideds (meaning they will get their black belt in the next month or two.) I'm the lowest belt in the group. They start their forms and they are REALLY REALLY good. My kids start bickering and I can hear them and make "the face" at them to stop. They aren't stopping. They call my name and I go up to do my form. I realize that it takes a BOATLOAD amount of courage to go up and do this. I'm doing ok... but when I get to the part of my form that is facing the back I see that my kids are fighting like CRAZY! And then I choke. Totally and completely choke. Just couldn't remember the next move. I was thinking, OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT and it still didn't come to me, so I finished the form and got SUCK scores. I ended up as being the lowest scored there. HUMILIATING... TOTAL SUCKAGE!!! Swearing that I would never ever ever ever do this crap again! As you can see - the judges were not terribly impressed:

Then, the weapons... This is what I thought that I actually might have a chance at. My weapon is a nunchuk. I really enjoy weapons. Until they all started. They were doing DOUBLE nunchucks and doing them WELL! Oh fuck... That's it. I'm screwed.... There were also women doing staffs (long sticks) and doing them beautifully. I got up and did my weapons form, and did it extremely well. I was very proud. My scores seemed decent.

Then the sparring. The first group went and they were REALLY good. Then, the second group went and the woman got knocked down HARD and broke her arm. The EMTs had to come over and take her off the mat. Then, the next woman got hit in the face and broke a tooth - she kept on sparring though... I was fucking terrified. I was going up against a black belt recommended with a big embroidery on her back declaring her national champion... AHHH!!!! I went out there:

And she scored the first point. I scored the next two points. I was so excited. Then, she started whomping on me and one the next 4 points (you play to 5). Only one other woman got hurt and she broke her finger. Shit - this sport is BRUTAL! But, I guess we are FIGHTING. It ends up that the woman I was sparring won second place (which made me happy that I at least scored some points on her.) The broken arm woman came back (with ice) she said she was going to the hospital later. And I guess that 5 of the women I was competing against are national competitors and that this was one of the biggest tournaments that they have been to and that a normal grouping was 7 so this one was really big.

It ends up that I won 3rd place in weapons. I'm really really happy with that. This was my first competition and I was competing in a huge group with national competitors. So, I feel pretty dang good about my 3rd place. I even beat a couple of those that were doing double nunchucks. (I have super neat move that I'm very proud of.) Broken arm lady said that this was totally addictive - I don't quite know about that. I don't think I'm addicted - it was just too overwhelming and intimidating.. But, I tried something new that I have never done before. I got out there and sparred some really amazing people. I did my forms and I did great on weapons. I'm extremely proud of my medal - but don't think I'll be doing this again any time soon.

It does make me feel like I can take on my new italian boss (nib) though. He's a jackass and I feel like I could totally kick his ass - especially with a nunchuck!

Hubby did a great job - he won 2nd in weapons (but only had a few competitors) and then came in 3rd on sparring. He was running a pretty good fever last night so he wasn't in top shape today. But, neither of us really loved it today. I think maybe we'll just continue to support Bubba in his Taekwondo competitions and maybe not pursue it for us. :) But, only time will tell.

I have truly earned my glass(es) of wine tonight!


Mariposa said...

Congrats! I'm 2nd dan black belt in taek...and it is really fun!

Tara R. said...

I found your blog by way of Momisodes at cre8Buzz... I'm a member of ATA too! In Niceville Florida. Congrats on the medal, way to go. I'm a third degree bb and I still get nervous at tournaments.

Hecticmom Undone said...

Wow!!! A 2nd degree and a THIRD degree! That's so awesome! I'm not entirely sure I will do another tournament. It takes an extreme amount of courage to go out and do that!