Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vacation Almost Done

Ugh... The HORROR!!! My vacation is coming to an end. The kids go back to school tomorrow. I actually get two days to myself while the kids are in school. But, Prissy has an ortho appointment tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed that the braces can come off!!!) And she has an eye doctor appointment on Friday afternoon. We changed the kids insurance to my husbands in preparation for my company's spin-off that didn't happen. It has totally thrown the eye doctor for a loop. They just called all in a panic because they didn't think she was insured (which she isn't on my insurance.) To be honest, the changing of the insurance totally freaks me out. I'm comfortable with the insurance I know - and I'm still not so sure how this insurance is going to work - it's Lumenos - I've heard great things. But, it's new, so I hate it. So, my days aren't totally free, but still - I still have several hours all to myself.

While the kids have gotten along really well this vacation - they are back to attacking each other like crazy today. Think of a San Francisco tiger being taunted and then attacking to the death - you pretty much have my monsters (only as of today) there in a nutshell. They are taking turns being the tiger. We went bowling this afternoon which was a lot of fun and I even broke 100 (well, I got 100) in one game. We also found a geocache that was right across the street from the bowling alley.

For whatever reason - my smellers (my sense of smell) have been extremely acute the past 3 or 4 days and it seems like everything has an odor. I'm not enjoying it. At least my family also smelled the manure smell by the construction site too.

And, on a happy happy joy joy note - we got our new garage doors installed today. Can you hear the angels singing? (Hallelujah!!!) Hubby can open his garage door from his car now. He is so excited. These things are really really quite and the doors go up and down very quickly. The guy that came and installed them was super professional.

I also went and got an appraisal on my ugly-ass very interesting ring - I'm going to sell this puppy one way or another. If you think it is beautiful - please don't take my opinion of it harshly. But, feel free to make an offer. :)

Today, we took down the rest of our Christmas decorations - both inside and out. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow. The festiveness just seems to be going away while the days start getting a little bit longer. (I'd opt for a longer day any time. Bring on the sun!) However, I will miss coming home to our house with all the lights blazing.

Anyway, that's our day - not exciting. Not very entertaining. Just the facts, ma'am.

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