Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rain Storm Damage Pictures

Well - we're starting to return to normal. Today, we had Taekwondo, then I ran errands. Target, Dry Cleaners, etc. I got the rest of Prissy's birthday gifts at Target. I can't believe she is turning NINE on Friday. NINE!!! I have a nine year old. I have been able to keep a human being alive for nine years. That's a long time! She's even got the peanut allergy which makes it more challenging to keep her alive! And she's still breathing. I know I shouldn't - but I feel a little proud - not because she is perfect, but because she is still breathing. It was sort of depressing. Actually, it was horribly depressing. I had such a relaxing and wonderful time off - I'm not sure if I can go back to work on Monday... I'm really starting to get a sore throat. Maybe it'll knock me flat. I've decided I'm pretty glad of the delay of our spinning off. This means I'm not getting my new italian boss for a few months. This is a good thing. And maybe I can make some changes or decisions that can avoid the major storm that is coming with this merger.

Tomorrow we have a meeting at the Taekwondo studio about the competition next weekend. I've decided I'm totally nervous about the competition. I DO NOT want to compete. I'll be competing in FRONT OF PEOPLE!!! OMG!!! WTF was I thinking when I said that I'd sign up to compete. To help out - sure. I'm totally on board with that. But, to compete... Holy shit... My instructors are trying to convince me to spar - they are smoking crack! I will NOT spar - I honestly suck at sparring. But, I will do a weapons form - because I really like the weapons. I'm a Nunchuk queen.. And then Bubba starts indoor soccer tomorrow as well. Then, it's the grocery store and all of that. Besides that - it should be a pretty calm Sunday. The weather here is pretty sucky. Rainy, gross... Here are a few pictures of the damage we got during the storm on Friday. (apparently everyone's fence fell down.)

This one was taken from my son's window. Notice the lamp post on the left hand - upper side of the picture. The light got knocked askew.

Rain_Damage 011

These pictures are of our side fence from an upstairs window during the storm and today:

Rain_Damage 008

Rain_Damage 012

Rain_Damage 014

And here is one from the back yard:

Rain_Damage 015

And here is a bonus picture, just because. Oreo is getting really big. She enjoys us carrying her around like a princess. She points at where she wants us to take her and then she touches whatever it was with her paw and either smells it or licks it. Notice she is pointing in this picture? She wants Prissy to carry her over to where she is pointing. Maybe Diva is a better word than princess. While she is still a very wild kitten. She's starting to mellow and likes to climb up in our laps when she's tired.

Rain_Damage 016

As I'm sitting here typing this, I hear the rain starting to come down again. Ugh. I'm not a rain person. Some people love the rain and the gray days. NOT ME! GIVE ME SUNSHINE!!! AND LOTS OF IT!!!! I MOVED TO CALIFORNIA FOR SUNSHINE!!! NOT THIS GRAY!!!!

Later gaters!

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Anonymous said...

Whine Whine Whine...I hate rain too, but you don't see me complaining to the whole world about it on a blog, do you ???

Aren't you glad to come back to work on Monday?