Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cranky Pants

I am cranky cranky cranky...

Work today sucked... Well, I guess it was just normal work - but still. It started at 8am with a big ass fight with my soon to be Italian boss. Ugh... The fight lingered in my thoughts all day. I had meetings all freaking day long and a big project I needed to do for Ib (Italian boss) that he just "assigned" to me this morning. I got it done, and I wrote up a long ass email trying to describe why I thought he was wrong (which he is and he will never admit to.) I'm going to my other old bosses to help me try to make this horrible horrible situation better.

I told you that I was supposed to work late and then have a work dinner. I decided to attend my hair appointment instead. (I've had the appointment for almost 3 months - you can't just cancel and get back in... The woman is booked forever in advance.) And she colored my hair this awesome shade of brown with a hint of reddish... It's really warm and pretty.

Anyway, I planned dinner and laid it all out for hubby to make for the kids while I was getting my hair done and asked him to save some for me. (It was veggie burgers and vegetables.) He saved me some vegetables, but ate my burger. Ugh... I was seriously hungry and looking forward to dinner. Fucker.. So, I decided to have some edamame, veggies and an extra glass of wine. I'm still hungry...

At least hubby said my hair looked nice, with the caveat that it doesn't always look nice, but it looks nice tonight. Great... Makes me feel wonderful...

I'm really depressed tonight... Hubby wants to get a nice new bigger house - I'd rather quit my job and stay here and be a stay at home mom... I seriously don't think I can handle Ib for the next several years.

I was telling Bubba (my 6 year old) that he needed to find what he loved to do and that could be his career when he grew up. I told him never to settle for something he didn't love just because he was making good money. He said that he wanted to be a jeweler and that he was a good artist. I think he'd be a great jeweler.

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