Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crankiness Rules My World

In starting to write this post - Bubba asks if he can watch TV and cuddle. Of course! I'll be back in a second - I've got some fucking Zack and Cody to watch in order to get my cuddlees. I think I'll fill my wine glass first.

Ok - kid show over. Bubba is headed to bed. Today, I have been oh so incredibly cranky. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. My hubby and kids are staying home and enjoying the holiday - but, my company does not value diversity of any kind so we do not get the day off. I'm pretty bummed.

A dear collegue of mine gave me a leadership book to read this weekend and it's pretty good. It talks a lot about the importance of having passion for what you do. I used to. My organization is responsible for making things you use every single day. Your cell phone? I will bet you that I had a part in making it. Cool? Absolutely. I remember learning about semiconductors - and how amazingly small they are. And turning these weird CAD drawings into silicon. It rocked my world. But when work is covered in all the crap it has been covered in lately - it is really hard for me to be excited about going in. I'm a crap mucker. And I'm stinky and smelly and would just really like to take a bath of the whole mess.

That's all - I'm going to go wallow a little more in my crankiness.

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