Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy

Today wasn't a bad day. I was able to reschedule the ortho appointment - I stayed on my diet, and even though I forgot to pre-make the coffee last night, hubby remembered and I had hot fresh coffee when I woke up this morning. (I'm a major bitch without my coffee. Well, I'm pretty much always a major bitch, but I'm a Serious Major Bitch without the coffee..)

But, all in all - I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy towards hubby. He is being very sweet. I think it's because my birthday is on Thursday. I know he is up to something - because my BFF has been a little weird too (she's telling me to be nice to hubby - not something that she ever ever ever ever says. She's my BFF after all - we have to be there for each other when we're irrationally pissed at our significant others.)

Anyway, it could be the wine talking. I lurve me some white wine.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and they almost always suck because they start out with a meeting with nib (new italian boss) - but I think tomorrow will be better because we have a new word for him - stolen directly from the Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's Bichoremuch. Sounds Italian right? Bitch Whore Much... I absolutely love it... And I can't wait to use it tomorrow... It will make me feel POWERFUL! Or, it will just make me laugh - which is more likely. And as I discovered yesterday - a good belly laugh makes everything better. Either that, or I will be immediately fired - which might be ok too.

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