Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maybe I Just Shouldn't Try to Cook

Ok, so, I'm maybe not the world's best cook. But, I normally put a meal on the table every night that we are home. Which I feel like is impressive given that I work full time. But, probably not - because I'm far far from the perfect parent as witness by this post. Anyway, I have my staples, but they are getting old especially since we are trying to eat healthier.

So I'm trying out a new cookbook. It's called Weeknight Survival Cookbook - How to Make Healthy meals in 10 Minutes. The basic premise is that you spend a little more time on Sunday and have "leftovers" to make other delicious meals the rest of the week. I normally make a longer meal on Sunday anyway and then do a spaghetti or a pre-marinated chicken and the like the rest of the week.

Anyway, I started it tonight and we were having marinated chicken (I actually made the marinade - I know, awesome right?) , rice (making 2 batches to use for later in the week - this wasn't the instant shit either!) and roasted veggies (making 2 batches to use for later in the week.) Unfortunately - when ever I try to roast, broil and even sometimes bake - I set off the smoke alarms. And I certainly did that tonight. Doubly unfortunate - they wouldn't turn off. We listened to them all during dinner. Every fan and exhaust like bathroom fan in the house was going. We were opening and closing the doors to get the "smoke" out. To no avail. So, after dinner (and about 15 mins of the alarms going off) - hubby (who is really really sick today with a fever and chest cold) decided to take care of the smoke alarm...

The kids (and Oreo) were watching with horror? excitement? utter awe at the weirdness of the night?

birthday 019

And hubby perched precariously on the area of the steps ripped that mo-fo down. It stopped - but reminded me of the episode of Friends where Phoebe is kept awake all night by the smoke alarm that won't die.

birthday 020

After this, I sat down and finished my dinner - which was quite delicious by the way. And the roasted veggies were Perfectly Done. So fuck you smoke alarm - you just wish you had delicious roasted veggies!

I'ts a long story, but I have a crippling fear of fire (seems like all my crippling fears have long stories) - so after the smoke was cleared out of the house - I made hubby put the smoke alarms back. Even if he does feel terrible.

I'm looking forward to the meal that uses the rest of the veggies on Tuesday. But, I'm not thinking I will do this again any time soon. Subway is always a good healthy option!

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