Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rant #1553

Ok, so I don't usually complain on this blog. Well, maybe I complain all the time. Actually, I think that is all this blog is - a place for me to whine and bitch. But, I have a very specific bone to pick. This one isn't about people talking on their cell phones in the grocery store which still irritates me, but I have another one that is even more irritating.

When going into an establishment with two doors - a person should enter and exit ON THE FUCKING RIGHT HAND SIDE!!!! Can I tell you how many times I'm going into the kids school (on the right hand side) and someone is coming out in that same door. STAY TO THE RIGHT!!!! DON'T YOU KNOW THE RULES OF DOORS!!! You can do it, I know you cn. Not doing it - it messes with the flow... Go with the flow man - STAY TO THE RIGHT!

That is my rant...

Good day sir...

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