Monday, January 28, 2008

High Blood Pressure Day

Holy frack...

Today started with me getting to work - knowing my day was completely booked back to back to back to back with meetings. Monday's truly suck. Anyway, I got to work and the orthodontist called and I totally forgot about Prissy's appointment (which was at 8:15pm). FUCK!!!! I rescheduled it for tomorrow, but it's at 9:30am. I should never schedule anything at 8am on a Monday morning.

Then, meetings, meetings, meetings... Then, lunch, which was a nice break. However, Hubby reminded me that Prissy has a field trip tomorrow - at the same time I scheduled her ortho appointment. As soon as I got back to work I was going to call the ortho, but my phone was ringing... It was the school and Bubba had ripped his pants. A lot... And they needed me to go home and get him another pair of pants. We live an hour away - so I told them, while giggling hysterically, that I couldn't go home, but that I'd run to Target to pick him up a new pair. *sigh* So, I canceled my right after lunch meeting and ran to the store and picked him up two pairs of pants (he's an incredibly skinny kid and it's hard to size him. I bought him a 4/5 and a 6 slim with the super neat adjustable waist.) The horrible part is that I found it incredibly funny. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I was shopping.

Anyway, I got to the school and he was sitting in the office. The hole - totally ripped in the crotch from front to back. His Pirates of the Carribean underwear were there for all the world to see. It took every ounce of control I had to not crack up in front of him. He was so embarrassed... But, to see his underwear just "out there" was almost too much to bear. Anyway, the 4/5 was too big around the waist, so I made the 6 slim as absolutely as small as possible and they fit. A bit long, but one roll he was fine. He really liked the new pants. Gawd... Anyway, he went back to class and I got in my car and laughed until I had tears...

Went back and went to all my meetings and they were much better. A good belly laugh fixes almost anything. I realized at 5pm that I failed to call the ortho to reschedule the appointment for tomorrow. FUCK!!!! We called and asked them to give us a call. I normally am not as bubble-headed as I was today. I picked up Prissy, we went to dinner and then went to her baton lesson. Then home - where hubby was sort of on a tirade about taxes. He thinks we're gonna get hit with the AMT tax because I sold all my stock options in December. However, I had to sell my options because I'm leaving my company (we were spun off - not a choice of mine) and I will lose them if I don't sell them. The cool part is that I sold them at a relatively good price (the stock tanked shortly after that.) But, we're going to be fucked on taxes this year (everything we made will likely go into paying taxes for next year because we didn't "plan" appropriately this year... DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE GOING TO BE SOLD!!! DIDN'T KNOW I WAS GOING TO BE FORCED TO SELL MY OPTIONS... FUCK YOU IRS!!! TAKE IT ALL!!!!! I'VE ONLY BEEN SAVING THEM FOR 12 FUCKING YEARS YOU BASTARDS!!!!!)

Ok, I'm done, I have my wine now - things have to get better...

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Suzanne said...

Here's what I call planning these days:

Look at whatever's been dumped in your lap (unexpected things like being sold, for example).

Look at your options (sell your options, or lose 'em, for example.)

Pick one.

Don't look back and second guess yourself.

Live on.